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Updated: June 2, 2013

What is Stark Raving Sanity?
Stark Raving Sanity is an electronic literary journal showcasing anything literary, artistic, or interesting. This includes poems, short stories, theoretical works and critical essays.

What to submit?
All pieces must not have been previously published and cannot be simultaneous submissions.

Poetry should be submitted in poem or pose form. While pieces relating to any topic or theme are acceptable, remember SRS looks for original and somewhat offbeat pieces. There is no true length limit, but please refrain from pieces exceeding 15 pages.

Fiction works should be well-crafted, cutting edge, off the wall, eclectic, and most importantly original. Pieces should not exceed 15 pages and should be submitted in standard format.

Non-fiction pieces should be well-written, original pieces. Things such as critical essays and theoretical works are acceptable. Pieces can be based on any theme or topic and cannot exceed 15 pages.

Looking for original cover art. Artwork should be sent as .jpg or .gif files. It should stay true to the ideas presented by SRS (off-beat, eclectic, etc).

How to submit?
Submissions are preferred via email with the work within the body of the email message. However, attachments, such as dot rtf (.rtf) or text (.txt) are accepted as well. All submissions MUST include a bio containing the author's name, address, city, state, zip code, email address and the title of the work. Send works to:
Email:, with "SRS submission" in the subject line.

Stark Raving Sanity acquires one-time electronic rights. Also the non-exclusive rights for the work to be archived on the website. By the author submitting the work, the author gives permission to Digital Images Publishing Studios to publish the work in Stark Raving Sanity. Upon publication, all rights revert back to the author. Once a work has appeared in SRS, the author may republish the work elsewhere. However, please provide credit to Stark Raving Sanity.

At this time SRS can not pay its contributors. However, the author's submitted bio will be published along with the selected work.

Reply Time:
SRS will attempt to reply within 120 days.

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